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Related article: Date: Thursday, November 2, 2006 13 17th 00 -0800 ( PST ) From: Ray u003cray6645 yahoo. com u003e Subject : brother took me over Our people decided they had to take a summer vacation to Montana and Wyoming. We had lived in the South and do not know that it is very cold, but the family did things that they thought we would need. the sleeping area bags, which came to us marked 40 degrees. that thought it would be a lot. That was before the Internet , and it was so pretty no way to verify, time. The first two nights were very good. We camped in the tent of our own s, a tent of two men. Our team was pretty much in the car, so the tent to make room for just , the two of us. Mike was almost two years younger than me. I entered high school, and 14. But when we got to Montana, someone forgot to tell us at the end of May and June first, remains winter there. Therefore, no sleeping bags to warm enough. Mike and I froze on the first night, and is not determined in the frozen secOND night there. So that night, we both have sleeping bags in a stack, , and they entered the bottom. in two hot bodies, and the two bags, sleep a little better. I the Old and the largest was, he said, sleeping on your stomach, and he sleeps on his back. that was good for me. He kept me warm, , and as a result even more. I am very submissive, and whenever I can remember, even. I think I got it from my parents. are always bring me down, and I do all the " dirty" jobs. Therefore, it is natural to do what I'm saying , regardless of the subject. So when Mike told to give me land, is what I did. It was my ​​boss all the time. While I showered to dry had it, and have dirty clothes and put them in the laundry basket. masturbating surprised me one day and decided that s on my mind ever since. He makes me do all kinds of things, and I only know what they like. I have jack off one of its friends one day, and that s really embarrassing. He rejoiced in the ass that I jokes and stuff like that. The more humiliate me happier would be. If you have to go the bus to school, and I rubbed my cock on a hard surface, causing it to show when we did the the bus. any case, the cold night in Montana. We have the bed with me on the floor, and it's over. Could feel his cock pressing against my ass. He was good. And her warm body against mine felt too good. both have only slept in our riders. In the heat of summer but not much wear to bed. In any case, we stopped to sleep both right, had n was a busy day and were very tired. The next morning, I awoke before dawn, , and felt his cock pressing hard in the ass crack. It felt great. But Nude Lolita Toplist was limited by two layers of underwear. Mike must have been awake as well. He moved, and moved his jockeys down and pulled the blanket from my bss up. Now his cock was pushing on my ass. As he moved to Pull -down underwear, sitting on his tail, and is now the pressure in my anus. He must have been precum leaking a lot, because in a few minutes, the cock of her s only slipped into my ass. It Nude Lolita Toplist hurt a little, , but there was a lot of his pre-cum lubricant, so that n violated stopped quickly. His cock began to feel kid good for me. He filled me, and it was fun to in my ass. We had it once was, and then it really hurts, but this was n much better. After he shot his load, I could feel that enter my ass. We feel like enemas, use about Friday night. shot his load, and then relaxed to me. I love with his body on mine. I kissed her neck and ear. Next shot, and that he had pee something fierce. So I left the store, and I could hear pees. And that made me need to do the same. That I was to come. Fundo good urinating outdoors, especially with the younger brother is watching you. has always been my master. Once, I suck the was one of his friends cocks, and Mike has done a Polaroid Photos of me. I could not see the other boys s face, but I was in my eyes. He promised that if that I did what I wanted to show the pictures of his mother. Of course, I liked it when he tells me what to do, so that was practically an empty threat. suck me tail or lick the ass, but This was the first time I actually took. I had tried a little earlier, but not as good as this time. Now the routine had been established. We were in a sleeping bag over us for the rest of the holiday. The thing is that her legs spread n so that its tail was the ass, not finding n is not a problem. I had to catch me when we went to bed, as , we awoke in the morning. This reduce the cock sucking, it's not needed that everything that pisses me off to readtwice st days. I liked his fuck, it felt good to have your warm body next to me. All bothered me was the opportunity to meet our parents. - - - - - - - more to come soon Comments on ray6645 yahoo. com
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